Sheffield Jazz runs Saturday Morning Workshop sessions for anyone interested in jazz improvisation to play with other musicians in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The Workshop is now in its 40th year!

There are six groups every Saturday morning:

Group 1: This group will cover basic ground so people relatively new to jazz improvisation can take part. People who are completely new to the whole thing will also be made welcome. In 2018 this group will be run by Hannah Taylor.

Group 2: The second group is for people who are comfortable with the basics and want to move on to material that’s a bit more challenging. In 2018 this group will be run by Chris Walker.

 Groups 3 & 4:  The third and fourth groups are for people who have some experience of jazz improvising and want to move on towards more involved approaches and more complicated material. In 2018 these groups will be run by Sam Dunn and Graham Jones.

Groups 5 & 6:  The fifth and sixth groups are for people who are more experienced and want to explore more advanced material or the use of advanced techniques in a standard setting. In 2018 these groups will be run by Ben Lowman and Pete Fairclough

The groups meet in the main, large building of the school (the one that looks like a Stately Home!):

– Group 1 on the 1st floor (left hand side of building);

– Groups 2 & 5 on the ground floor;

– Group 3 in the 1st floor library (right hand side of building);

– Groups 4 & 6 on the top floor (right hand side of building).

If you turn up at about 9.40 there’ll be people around to ask directions to the group you’re interested in.

Groups receive guidance and tuition from local jazz players with wide experience of playing and teaching.

All sessions are open for anyone to drop in – there’s no obligation to attend for a whole season!

Times: 10.00am–12.30pm on Saturdays: Most Saturdays during school term time or when the school provides a caretaker to open up.

Location: King Edward’s Upper School, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2PW (near to the Hallamshire Hospital and King Edward’s Swimming Pool – car park access from Glossop Rd or Newbould Lane)

Cost per session: Waged : £12.00. Unwaged : £6.00

Who’s it for? Anyone interested in exploring jazz improvisation is welcome to join in. The best way to find out if it’s right for you is turn up and give it a try! The workshop does not own or provide any equipment so you need to bring your own gear. It will be necessary for keyboard players to bring an electric keyboard as the rooms we use don’t have pianos. Guitarists and bass players will need to bring an amp. Vocalists will need a mic and an amp unless you have a very strong voice! (Bear in mind you’ll probably be in a room with 6 – 10 saxophones or brass instruments and need enough amplification to be heard in that context.) Everyone else bring your instrument (and a music stand plus pencil & paper).

Tutors: Workshop groups are mostly run by Chris Walker, Pete Fairclough, Ben Lowman, Hannah Taylor, Graham Jones and Sam Dunn. Occasionally some sessions will be run by other local musicians, including Johnny Hunter, Garry Jackson and Jude Sacker.

Want more information? Ring  Chris Walker on 07791 843903.

Some regular opportunities to hear live jazz in Sheffield:

– Two seasons of concerts per year, mainly on Friday nights, put on by Sheffield Jazz (mostly at Crookes Social Club, Mulehouse Road, S10 1TD) of national and international bands (see,  or Twitter feed: @SheffieldJazz)

– Regular Wednesday night jazz, every week at The Lescar (Sharrowvale Rd – near Hunter’s Bar) Email:  Tel. 0774 020 1939 – get the latest details from the Lescar facebook page, the Lescar website (, and also from the Sheffield Jazz Twitter feed (@SheffieldJazz)

– There’s also a jazz jam session at the White Lion (615 London Road) on the 1st Tuesday of each month, mostly attended by workshop participants, open to anyone to join in.