Please find below information about the resumption of Sheffield Jazz Workshops from September 2021. If you are new to the workshops, please contact Hannah Taylor at for a chat about which group to attend.

We are expecting King Teds to be available for external hire from 11th September but we are still waiting for more detail from them regarding Covid-19 related arrangements, which we aren’t likely to see until after school resumes on 6th September.  In the absence of this information we have discussed how we might operate the Jazz Workshop in light of the current situation in order to reduce the chances of attendees becoming infected with Covid-19.  Since we will need time to respond to information from the school we have decided to delay starting until 25th September.

Having discussed what actions we could take in order to reduce the chances of infection transmission, we have decided that we are unable to take on the additional admin tasks of dealing with weekly LFD tests or questionnaires about contacts, symptoms etc.  Instead, we will take steps that we reasonably can, as listed below, and ask that all attendees take responsibility individually to reduce the risk of spreading infection. We propose operating along the following lines:-

We will run from 10 – 12 with no break, since normal face to face socialising increases the risk of transmission.  This was a reluctant decision because we know that the social aspect of the workshop is important.  People are welcome to socialise outside after leaving the building.

During each session we will attempt to maintain some social distancing, although it is unlikely that we would be able to achieve 2m

We will endeavour to increase ventilation (this will depend a lot on how the school has adapted to the current situation)

Arrangements around entry, exit and use of toilets will be governed by what the school advises or requires.

We are looking into moving away from weekly cash payments but this will take some time to implement so will continue with cash for the time being.

We will review the situation on an ongoing basis and may decide to stop running the workshop if the perceived risk becomes unacceptably high.

It is the responsibility of all attendees to consider the safety of other attendees, so:-

DON’T attend if you have had recent contact with someone who has subsequently tested positive for Covid-19
DON’T attend if you have any of the known symptoms of Covid-19
DON’T attend if you feel at all unwell or have any doubt at all about your health
DO advise your tutor asap if you test positive within 5 days of attending a workshop session.  The tutor will notify the other attendees without naming the infected person.

In conclusion we have to state clearly that spending 2 hours in an enclosed room with a number of people inevitably carries a risk of infection.  Your acceptance of this risk is implicit in your attendance.

10.00am–12.00pm on Saturdays
Most Saturdays during school term time.

King Edward’s Upper School, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2PW
(near to the Hallamshire Hospital and King Edward’s Swimming Pool – car park access from Glossop Rd or Newbould Lane)

Cost per session
Waged : £14.00
Unwaged : £7.00

Sheffield Jazz


Sheffield Jazz runs a Saturday Morning Workshop providing an opportunity for people to learn about and explore the theory and practice of jazz improvisation in a supportive group environment. The Workshop is now in its 40th year!

There are currently five groups running each Saturday morning which are loosely graded from beginners to more experienced, each under the guidance of a tutor who is a jazz musician with wide experience of playing and teaching.

Individual instrumental tuition is not provided – some basic ability on your chosen instrument is required. Some familiarity with music theory would be helpful but is not a requirement.

Sheffield Jazz Workshop is intended for adults but is open to under-18s with parental consent, provided that they are able to participate and behave appropriately in the group.

Twice a year a concert will be arranged where each group will perform material that has been worked on during the preceding sessions.

There’s no obligation to attend for a whole term but regular attendance will return greater benefits. If you arrive at about 9.40 there’ll be people around to ask for directions.


Who's it for?

Anyone interested in exploring jazz improvisation is welcome to join in. The best way to find out if it’s right for you is to give it a try, including just to listen and observe without an instrument at first if you so wish.

The Workshop does not own or provide any equipment so you need to bring your own gear. It will be necessary for keyboard players to bring an electric keyboard as the rooms we use don’t have pianos. Guitarists and bass players will need to bring an amp. Vocalists will need a mic and an amp unless you have a very strong voice! (Bear in mind you’ll probably be in a room with 6 – 10 saxophones or brass instruments and need enough amplification to be heard in that context.) Everyone else bring your instrument (and a music stand plus pencil and paper).

Workshop groups are mostly run by Chris Walker, Peter Fairclough, Hannah Taylor, Graham Jones and Nadim Teimoori. Occasionally some sessions will be run by other musicians, including Johnny Hunter, Jude Sacker, Dave Burgoyne and Paul Baxter.

Want more information?
Ring  Chris Walker on 07791 843903

Regular Opportunities

Hear live jazz in Sheffield

  • Two seasons of concerts per year, mainly on Friday nights, put on by Sheffield Jazz (mostly at Crookes Social Club, Mulehouse Road, S10 1TD) of national and international bands. Workshop participants can get entry on the door at Crookes and Firth Hall at the discounted concessions rate.
  • Regular Wednesday night jazz, every week at The Lescar (Sharrow Vale Road – near Hunter’s Bar). Email: or tel. 07740 201939. Get the latest details from the Lescar Facebook page, the Lescar website ( and also from the Sheffield Jazz Twitter feed: @SheffieldJazz
  • There’s also a jazz jam session at the White Lion (615 London Road) on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Monday of each month, mostly attended by Workshop participants, open to anyone to join in.