Sheffield Jazz/Lescar collaboration
Jazz at The Lescar and Sheffield Jazz have a long-standing and close working relationship, including mutual assistance with equipment, publicity, volunteering effort and programming. We are now building on this to put on a programme of 4 jointly-promoted gigs over the year from April 2022 – March 2023. Jazz at The Lescar have worked with Sheffield Jazz to hand-pick four bands featuring musicians from across the UK and Europe that will appeal to both the Lescar audience and that of Sheffield Jazz. Sheffield Jazz’s support for these gigs will really help make them happen, and demonstrates how through collaboration we can work together to enrich our programmes and also the Sheffield music scene by broadening the platform in Sheffield for the best touring jazz musicians. The additional gigs start with the Moore/Pope/Hunter trio on 1 June, followed by Robert Mitchell and Shirley Smart on 8 June and gigs with Laura Jurd’s new band and Xhosa Cole later.