Covid-19: Updated Precautions

We have reviewed our Covid measures in the light of the progress of the pandemic and associated Government guidance.  In essence, and in common with other live arts venues, we are adopting a cautious approach and we intend to continue to relax our measures gradually in the light of experience so as to protect our audience and artists and to avoid having to reverse steps if the situation deteriorates.

The key measures from January 2022 will be:

  • Our volunteers will continue to wear face coverings except when behind a screen or sitting down, and we encourage audience members to do likewise when moving around the hall.
  • For the time being we are continuing to restrict the capacity of the hall (to less than half its full capacity).
  • Seating will continue to be well-spaced, although it will be open to groups to bring seats and tables together with the consent of the Door Team.
  • We encourage everyone to continue to book seats online in advance, both in order to secure the seat(s) of their choice and avoid missing out, and to make life easier and safer for our Door Team. However it will now be possible to pay for entry at the door (preferably by contactless payment) if seats are available.
  • Those booking in advance will now have the choice of booking allocated seats (in an area at the front of the hall with a maximum of 40 seats) or booking unreserved seats elsewhere in the hall (i.e. along the sides or in the middle-rear areas).
  • Although recent expert advice has confirmed that the ventilation system at Crookes is very effective, we shall continue to use a CO2 monitor to confirm that the ventilation level is satisfactory during gigs and to open the side doors for additional ventilation as necessary during the interval.

This is what we need you to do:

  • Please do not enter if you have or may have Covid-type symptoms or have recently been in contact with someone who has. You can protect your payments by purchasing ticket insurance at minimal cost when buying tickets on TicketSource.
  • When you arrive at the Club please queue in a socially distanced way and comply with guidance by the Sheffield Jazz Door Team.
  • The Door Team will check you in (N.B. they just need your name and ticket reference code to do this, no need for you to print off the ticket). If you have purchased reserved seats they will show you to them.
  • Please use the sanitisers provided and please also wear a face covering if you need to move around the hall and minimise movement as much as possible. It is of course OK to remove your mask when you are seated having a drink.
  • Out of respect to the band and to minimise movement within the room please do not move around the club to take photographs or videos during the gig. Fine from your own seat, but without using flash please. Do please clap loudly but do not to raise your voice or shout or dance, (however good the music might be!).

Thank you for your help.