Ashley Warmbrodt, who is studying for an MA in Psychology of Music at the University of Sheffield is looking for participants for his study on how listening to music affects one’s emotions. Participants will listen to pre-1959 jazz music and music of their own choice, and tell him how they felt. Participants will wear painless physiological monitors while listening to music. Participants must like listening to jazz to some extent, be 18 or older, and be willing and able to come to the University of Sheffied for 30 minutes once.  Any level of musical experience (from not at all musical to musically experienced) is welcomed! If interested, please email .
Participation in this study is completely voluntary, and participants are allowed to drop out at any point if they so choose. This study has been ethically approved by the University of Sheffield.
Thank you so much for your consideration! Please feel free to pass along to anyone you know who may be interested.
Ashley Warmbrodt
MA Psychology of Music Student
University of Sheffield