Sheffield Jazz Committee is looking for two or three more voluntary trustees to join us. The key requirement is for people who like jazz and are willing and able to give a few hours each month to the running of Sheffield Jazz. Our current team have mostly been involved with Sheffield Jazz for a number of years, and we are looking for people who want to be part of Sheffield Jazz’s longer term future!

Being a Trustee of Sheffield Jazz is a very enjoyable responsibility – you will be part of a team actively involved in the bringing to the City national and international musicians on the current scene, contributing your own musical taste to the discussion and influencing our concert programme. You will have the opportunity, if you want, to meet and get to know the musicians.

Background information

Sheffield Jazz’s legal status is that of a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity (Charity number 1130396). It has no share capital and the liability of each member in the event of winding-up is limited to £10.

Sheffield Jazz has no paid employees; it is run by a committee of the Trustees who meet monthly. Currently there are seven of us. We are supported by a further team of volunteers (the door rota team) who staff the door, manage the raffle, sell the bands’ CDs, and carry out other tasks on the night of our concerts.

The responsibilities of the Trustees include:

  • setting the programme
  • booking the bands ( the promoter role)
  • ensuring good financial management;
  • organising venues and liaising with the venue managers;
  • arranging ticket sales;
  • marketing and publicity;
  • fundraising;
  • event management on gig nights
  • supporting the volunteer door rota team;
  • company secretary duties;
  • building and maintaining relationships with other jazz promoters and regional and national jazz organisations.

We share out between us the tasks involved with these responsibilities.

Monthly Committee meetings, which last about two hours, are relaxed and informal. Between meetings there is a fair amount of email consultation among Committee members as well as the above activities.

Skills Required

  • Commitment to Sheffield Jazz’s aims
  • An understanding of the responsibilities of being a Trustee, and/ or willingness to learn
  • Enthusiasm for team work
  • Willingness to contribute ideas and develop them
  • Willingness and the time to take on some routine administrative tasks.

In particular we are currently seeking:

Bookkeeping/ cash management expertise

Interested? Contact Celia Cashman at or ring her on 0114 266 3667