We will all have different views about what the appropriate level of overall funding for the Arts should be but the paltry proportion which jazz receives (which is totally disproportionate to relative audience sizes) and its concentration on London is a scandal. From information compiled by Chris Hodgkins earlier this year:
Audience sizes
According to the Arts Council about 3.4 million people attend Classical music concerts, 2.1 million people attend Jazz concerts and 1.7 million people attend Opera.
Funding received
However in 2018/19, Opera will receive a total of £57.1 million of which 32.5% will be spent outside of London. (The Royal Opera House alone will receive some £24 million.) Classical music will receive £19 million of which 55% is allocated to the English regions and Jazz will receive a total of £1.6 million of which 30% is spent outside of London.